Monday, December 29, 2008

He Did NOT Just Say That! (Language Warning)

Scarves and Pash-- Pash-- What Was That They're Called Again? At Zaara

Please skip to the next entry if names of body parts offend you

Written 26 December, 2008

He Did NOT Just Say That!

Next we went, at Tozh' suggestion, to one of her favorites, Zaara, which features the Indian-designed creations of Zaara Kohime. Sweetie and I bought scarves, and I an outfit which unfortunately turned out to have a butt skirt and an assortment of beautiful low-cost prim jewelry.

What's that, Sweetie? It turns out they're not scarves at all, but kash- what? kashmini? Pashmina! Tozh knows that, too? Oh, no, OMG, horrors, my fashionista rating just went down twenty points!

At Zaara, our male friend's genitals became the topic of conversation. Sweetie, in all innocence, asked him why, since he was dressed simply, with no obvious complex hair or jewelry, his Avatar Rendering Cost was so high. Our friend said it was probably because of his XCite!... as Sweetie would say, boy parts.
Clearly Mike-- we'll call him Mike, even though his name is Steve-- wanted to talk about his proudest possession.

I immediately went into Highlight Transparent. I said, "And you're wearing nipples!" (And they were set to public. too. I know because I touched one and it invited me to touch, fondle, lick, pinch, or suck it.)

And of course I peeked under Mike's robes. I don't teach classes in camera control for nothing. His parts were, I assure you, NOT set to invisible.)

Mike said he considered nipples more or less useless for a guy. And he didn't use his XCite! ass either, he said, because people put things in it.

PUT things in it?

OMG, we are back to rodents again!

Someone said, and I'm afraid it might have been me, "You don't use the ass or nipples, maybe you shouldn't have bought the value pack."

Our friend Pam Havercamp joined us that point, and we more or less managed to bring the conversation back around to fashion.

But people were now thinking of things other than fashion, and so we brought our glorious Christmas shopping day to a close.

p.s. Shame on you for thinking I would post pictures of Mike's private parts.Besides, I forgot to take any.

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