Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Voice Gets Better

Written 28 November, 2007

Voice Gets Better

Last spring, when Second Life Voice made its debut on the Beta Grid, Sweetie and I went to check it out.

I was unimpressed. Sweetie was scornful.

When voice came to the main grid, we didn't use it. We were familiar with Skype, and we stayed on Skype.

The few times we DID do voice, it crackled and popped and was more trouble than it was worth.

But then, about two weeks ago, my brother Mordecai Scaggs and his blushing bride Kacy Despres held a Tiny Empires party at their home in Caledon.

Most of those present were on voice, although only some of us were talking. And you know what, it was crystal clear. No snaps, no crackles, no pops.

I was hopeful that it wasn't just a fluke, and indeed it wasn't. Although Voice has had its share of problems (it works, it doesn't work, check the Linden blog for its status), the sound quality is now acceptable.

On Wednesday, my friend JacksonYang Yifu told me about a pretty place he had explored.
It was called Osho VIrtiual Island on the Owokun Meditation island. I went with him to check it out.

It was a place of some beauty, but what was intriguing is that after Jackson left for the real world, I stumbled across a circle of avatars on the beach. They were doing rounds, reading poetry and playing guitars and singing-- in SL Voice.

And it sounded perfectly fine!

I read two poems in voice, accopanied by my words, which were released by a nifty little HUD-based line reader. And I sang two songs, accompanying myself with my guitar.

I had a great time, and I indend to do it again (there is a circle every Wednesday at 1 pm LST, and other events through the week.

What fun!

And SL Voice has arrived.

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