Saturday, November 17, 2007

My, How Things Have Changed!

Written 17 November, 2007

My, How Things Have Changed!

I'm about to blog about Windlight, but before I do, I thought I would remak on how very much Second Life has changed in the year I've been here. Flexies were relatively new, and torii, and already SL was getting a much richer look. With the introduction of Flexies, and with just the continued growth and maturation of the grid, things are just so much more detailed today than they were year ago.

Last weekend, Sweetie was restless and we went grid-hopping. We wound up in the Linden Village, and Sweetie pointed out a map, a photo of which I post here, that showed the world was not so very long ago made of only 16 regions.

last night 2000 regions went offline, and SL hardly burbled.

Well, it DID burble, for my sim was one that was being worked on, but still!

15 regions!

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