Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hanging Past the Edge of Reality

Written 17 November, 2007

Hanging Past the Edge of Reality

Did you know it's possible to position an object (or yourself, if you're sitting on that object) past a sim line, into void space?

A bit more than a year ago, I seem to remember, it was possible to fly across void sims. But that went away for some reason, suddenly, and without fanfare. Now when you hit void space you bounce against an invisible barrier. Ouch!

But you can go where no av has gone before (or since the new rules went into effect), and leave the bounds of known space.

I won't divulge the secrets of the super secret high tech geeky gadget I built to put myself outside the sim, but I did build it and soon I was 25 meters out from the Northeast corner of Pele, as you can see.

I placed my gizmo right at the sim edge. When I use it, it give me a wonderful view of Pele and my beautiful house. Woo hoo!

As soon as uniformed Federal agents come take a look at my nicely invisible device (I call it Scenic Overlook) and give me my long-awaited patent, I'll put my gadget on the market.

Until then, you can try it yourself by going to Forsaken (7,230, 21) and shouting /1 show (or touch my handy poweball switcher, which is hidden along the outside footing of the house). Then sit and enjoy the view.


Photos: Scenic Overlook, and a bonus-- a mouselook from Windlight, about which I will blog next.

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