Friday, November 16, 2007

T.E. Party in Caledon Tanglewood

Written 16 November, 2007

T.E. Party in Caledon Tanglewood

My Second Life brother and sister-in-law Mordecai Scaggs and Kacy Despres are, not surprisingly (they live in Caledon, don't they?) big into the HUD-based game Tiny Empires. Last night they gave a party at the Scaggs-Despres estate in Caledon
Tanglewood. Since I was newly home from work and waiting for my Sweetie to get home, take her milk bath, and join me in SL, I went there to see old friends and have a good time.

I crashed getting there, and everyone there but me crashed three times, and there was problems with the stream, even when streaming from the web, and Kacy lost her hair for the longest time, and the dance ball didn't work at first, but finally it all came together and we had a grand time.

Three or four of us were talking in SL Voice, and most of the folks present were listening-- and for the first time, it worked right for me. No snaps, no crackles, no pops, no echoes. Just voice. Not as clear as Skype, but pretty darn good!

Sweetie came after a while and livened things up. She always livens things up.

We did talk a bit about T.E., but we didn't, by virtue of proximity, get a lot of offers from one another. But it was a darn good get-together anyway.

Thanks, Mordecai and Kacy, for putting on a grand party!

Photos by Vulpine Eldritch

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