Monday, November 26, 2007


Written 26 November, 2007


Soooo, Sweetie and I went out Saturday night, and we never ever go to sex places, but there we were, and so we jumped on a bed and were making out. And doing other things.

Guys were coming by and trying to get us to stop and do the same thing with them. As if THAT was going to happen!

What is it with guys that they think you're going to stop doing your gf and jump on a poseball with them? It's a genetic blindness.

Two guys were really insistent. So I said, "Sure. You guys just jump on those balls over there that says Hummer."

They almost did before they realized what that meant.

So we were having a good time. And then we saw him.

The guy with the dick-in-a-box.


See the picture.

When we spotted him we were laughing so hard! We were in Skype, and we couldn't even talk for five minutes. We started singing the dick-in-a-box song we had heard (at the same time as we watched together in Skype in different states) on Saturday Night Live.

And it was a big gray box, and it was shaped a bit differently than one might expect for a dick-in-a-box.

He was green, so it took him about five minutes to get the thing unpacked. It was the ugliest low-prim freebie one might imagine, but he was sure having fun with it.

It was just so ridiculous, so Second-Lifey!

We're still laughing.

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