Saturday, November 17, 2007

Riding Magnetic Balls

Fnord's Bumpy Conveyance

 Riding the Magnetic Spheres

Written 17 November, 2007

Riding Magnetic Balls

Our friend Fnordian Link makes great gadgets.

If you don't believe me, visit his store at Son (223, 87, 27). Or if you DO believe me.

But run if you see Fnord's limbot. Don't ask.

Fnord came over to play the other day and he and I and Sweetie had a great time. Fnord rezzed a vehicle he's been working on. Unlike most SL vehicles, you don't drive this one with the keyboard, rather, you tell it which direction in which to move, and how far. It was a bit jerky, but a fun ride.

One of Fnord's products, and one which I love, are singing balls. He calls them tranquility sphere. They rise into the air and sing in harmonic tones. They're lovely! You can sit on them and ride them, too.

Fnord likes to try out his products (like the dreaded Limbot!) on his friends. When he pulled out some magnetic, clumping spheres, nothing would do but for Sweetie to sit on them. So did Fnord, and so did I, and before long we were careening all over the sim on them.


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