Thursday, November 22, 2007

One Lucky Avatar

Cheyenne, Then
Cheyenne, Now
Pele, Then
Pele, Now
The Constant Sweetie
Written 20 November, 2007

One Lucky Avatar

Thoughts on My First Year in My Second Life

Events in my life have caused me to reflect on my first year on the Grid. And of course, it's Thanksgiving in the U.S., a time to count our blessings.

In my first year, I:

• Discovered a fabulous new world

• Saw a lot of amazing things—some beautiful, and some disturbing

• Was mentored by my real life friends Bill and Pam Havercamp, who gave me a place to stay in their beautiful home, put $10,000 Lindens in my account, and took me shopping for my avi

• Met wonderful friends and SL family

• Went shopping for land of my own and discovered both Pele and my Sweetie

• Bought Pele and hired Sweetie to build my house

• Fell in love

• Built Pele with Sweetie’s help

• Started this blog

• Learned how to operate the SL interface and grew accomplished at camera control

• Learned the rudiments of PhotoShop and the GIMP and qAvimator and Audacity (i.e, learned to do alphas, make textures, create poses, and import sounds)

• Learned to terraform, build, and, to an extent, script

• Acquired more than half a sim of virtual land

• Had a lot of amazing adventures and laughed a lot

I start my second year in this world a mature citizen. I know the interface, I know the tools, I know the rules. I have mature land which requires little upkeep (although both Sweetie and I are perpetually tweaking it). I have a circle of stable, caring friends and Second Life family. And I’m in a relationship of long standing, one that brings me everything I need to complete both my first and second lives.

I am one lucky avatar!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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