Friday, November 2, 2007

Posting this one belatedly.... :(

Written 24 October, 2007

Rez Day, Nuptials Day

Today is my rez day. Exactly one year ago I came home from Cape Cod, started to unpack my suitcase, and stopped and logged onto Second Life.

My life has not been the same since.

Today is also the wedding day of my Second Life brother, Mordecai Scaggs, and his beautiful fiancée and my good friend, Kacy Depres. Sweetie and I are bridesmaids.

We’re honored because Mordecai and Kacy postponed their wedding until after our return from vacation.

Sweetie has a grueling day today—first, work, and then school (she’s attending classes to become a rocket scientist/evil genius). As soon as she gets home, she’ll have to hurry into her bridesmaid’s dress and jump to the wedding site. I’ll have been home for more than an hour by then, primping and preening. She won’t have the luxury, but she will look stunning.

Sweetie always looks stunning.

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