Friday, November 2, 2007

Two Weddings, No Funeral

Written 29 October, 2007

Two Weddings, No Funeral

I’ve been bridesmaid in two weddings lately.

The first was of my long-time friend Stargazer Blazer to her love ReverendMathias Merit. The wedding was formal, the bride resplendent in a beautiful white gown. I wore a beautiful lavender outfit picked out and given to me by Star and my Sehana hair and Dusty Mauve tone of my by-Max skin, which together give me a sort of Asian look.

My part was easy. I showed up, offered moral support to the bride, walked to the site of the ceremony, and stood on a pose ball. Nothing to it.

I did take some photos, which I gave to the bride with full permissions and reproduce here.

Sweetie was asked to be bridesmaid, but was in a class that evening, not getting home until the reception was at its wane.

Star has been taking classes in advanced jewelry making, and will be opening her new store, Stargazer Designs later this week. Her products are beautiful.

The other wedding was that of my SL brother, Mordecai Scaggs, and his love, Kacy Depres. Kacy was stunning in white, and Mordecai was looking dignified in his cat av and tux.

As I stood on my poseball, listening to their vows in SL Voice and trying not to cry, I took some photos—but Sweetie, who was also a bridesmaid, made the most marvelous photos. I’ll ask her to give me full perm versions to I can post them here.

The wedding was attended by Caledon’s best. Afterward, we danced and danced in one of SL many castles; I couldn’t for the life of you tell you who it was.

I would like to thank both Star and Kacy for providing me with my bridesmaid’s outfit, and both Mordecai and Kacy for changing the date and time of their wedding so Sweetie and I could attend.

Photos: Star and Rev's Wedding (Mordecai and Kacy's in a separate post)

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Melanippe of Themiscyra said...

I have it from my aetheric brother that that was Castle Cymru. :)