Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Amazon Sweetie

Written 6 November, 2007

Amazon Sweetie

In real life Sweetie and I are almost the same height.

In Second Life, like most SL women, we’re taller than in RL—both topping six feet. And yet my av is half a head taller than hers—more when she forgets to wear shoes, which, since she officially became a fashionista, is less often than before.

Of late, Sweetie has grown to Amazonian proportions. She is seven feet tall, with long, thicker arms and legs which make her avatar’s movements seem angular and awkward. Her chin is stronger and the shape of her eyes has changed, giving her an androgynous look. Her breasts are smaller and then larger, and then smaller, and more buoyant. Even her ears have changed, having become decidedly elflike. I think Sweetie is having a species change.

I don’t dislike the changes, but I’m used to a more zaftig Sweetie, and it will take some getting used to.

It all started on Friday, when we I took her to visit the Tusk sim, which my SL brother Peter had showed me on Thursday. I bought a lovely goth-style dress. Sweetie looked at a beautiful powder blue gothlike gown, but opted instead for a gunslinger’s outfit.

It was male clothing, and the attachments were too large for Sweetie’s female form. Being Sweetie, she tweaked them, but also began to fiddle with her shape to make the outfit look better. She remained female, of course and thank goodness, but just got bigger and bigger until she was Amazon Sweetie (her term).

Because of the differences in our torso length (mine is longer), and because I tend to wear higher heels, I’m accustomed to taking the blue pose balls. Now Sweetie is on them and I’m on the pink. When I hug her, my head is buried in her (now smaller) breasts. On the plus side, our lips come closer to actually touching on pose balls, since we now approximate the height norms for SL.

Or did. Last night, Sweetie tweaked herself. She changed her face some more, subtly, and cranked up her height. She is now 7’7”. For our friends on the Metric system (that is, just about the entire world except for we recalcitrant Yanks), that’s 2.31 meters. That’s “How’s the weather up there?” tall.

Amazon Sweetie is continuing to evolve. And now I’m changing, too.

When I made my shape, shortly after coming into world, I was 6’2”. In the spring, at Sweetie’s request, I reduced my height to 6’ even. Last night, again at her request, I cranked my height back up to 6’2”.

Can Amazon Chey be far away?


Martian Wei said...

Long time no see but I'll need your sound services again soon. :-) Just wanted to let you know that I do ready your blog -- it's great and an example for our blog to follow.

Melanippe of Themiscyra said...

Hmmm... perhaps I should ask you to join my Themiscyran sisters, if you are bound and determined to be Amazons. ;)

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Melanippe, Sweetie is the Amazon. Im just your average 6'2" woman who will shut you (collective you) down if you get out of line

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Thanks, Martin, for you comment. I enjoyed installing sounds at your place. I know it was a crazy time for you.

Folks, Martin is the owner of the October Country sim, where it is perpetually Halloween, and where you can hear some ripping good radio dramas.

Just search October Country on the map.