Saturday, August 4, 2007


Written 4 August, 2007

Pele Train Ride on You Tube

Way back in December or January I asked someone in Live Help (remember when there WAS such a thing as Live Help? If you do, you're an oldie!) to point me toward a good video capture program.

They gave me a name and I wrote it down on a scrip of paper and promptly lost it. (Nowaways I make all my in-world notes on notecards).

So I went web-crawling and ground a capture program called the Growler. It was free to download and easy to use and didn't bring my system to a screeching halt when I ran it.

I played with Growler a bit and then, busy with other things, left it alone.

But last night I pulled it out and fooled with the settings until it would record both sound and video and shot a six-minute film of me riding the Pele Light Rail train.

There was no title, just an ad for Grower), and there were some artifacts in the visuals (mostly red glows on certain objects), and the frame rate is too slow so there's a little jerkiness, but all in all I thought it was okay, and so I paid Growler $19.95 so I could export video without their stamp on it, saved the film as an .AVI file, opened an account on You Tube, and unloaded.

This afternoon it showed up in search.

It's called Pele Train Ride, and here's the URL:

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