Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chey's New Look

My Usual Look

Written 21 August, 2007

Chey's New Look

At the end of my second week in Second Life, I bought my skin from the place that's now called The Body Politic.

I bought four levels of makeup, which I switch from time to time. The difference isn't dramatic, just daytime and light evening looks.

The price was high-- $1200 each, or four for $3000, but the skin has been well worth the expense.

About six weeks ago, I took myself to Body Politic and bought a more dramatic makeup. I wore it with some success.

And two weeks ago, I made another journey and bought yet another makeup.

Last night I journeyed to the new sim Hairspray, the hair sim, which is filled with shops from just about every hair maker in SL. I bought a nice little hairdo in black called the Sehana (Goddess of Love) from a shop the name of which I don't remember (and the hair
itself doesn't tell me!)

Sehana was inexpensive ($150L, I think), and the larger version fit my big head just fine.

This morning, I put on the Sehana hair, got into my new skin, and pulled an outfit out of my wardrobe at random (I have stuff I don't even know I have. The girl is a clothes horse in her second life). And oh, I put in some green eyes I bought at some Mexican sim that claims to have the best eyes in Second Life (bought them last night, too, even though they were probably produced under sweatshop conditions). And, presto, a new look!

And best of all, Sweetie likes it!

I think I'll wear it from time to time.


Corgi said...

Kawaii! I'm glad Sweetie likes it, too.

Have you ever checked out Gracile eyes? I think they have amazing clarity and light. If you're inclined... [dig burrow dig] ah, here: Sunset Commerce (93, 93, 710)

Cheyenne Palisades said...

No, I've not tried them, and thanks for the tip. Alas, the grid is done and the gridmonkeys are banging on it or I would go to Garcile RIGHT NOW!