Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New Teleporters at Pele

Written 1 August, 2007

New Teleporters at Pele

For months now, we at Pele have been using the very useful teleport system from aubreTec. It works quickly and flawlessly, and is quite versatile, enabling the owner to set up different levels of access-- and it was not that expensive.

It's only drawbacks were its priminess-- seven, I believe; I soon had it down to four-- and its method of operation, which required a three step selection process (click it, choose a destination, the sit on a beam).

Sweetie thought it would be nice to integrate the map of Pele I had prepared with a teleporter system, so she took me to Punky Nerd's store and gave me half the money (it cost a thousand lindens, I believe) to buy a copyable version of her TP system.

Upon initial reading of the sales literature, it seemed it would work, so we bought it and took it back to Pele.

When the weekend came, I unpacked it and tried it out. I soon had it working, but it was generating an array of floating destination balls.

Would I be able to get them to work with the map.

Sweetie was disappointed when she saw the system in operation, but  I told her I should RTFM before I went complaining to Punky.

So I RTFM. I saved it to Word and printed it and read it at my leisure.

And after I RTFM, I tried again, and it worked!

I made the teleport balls (the "chairs") smaller, moved them in three dimensional space, and stored their locations relative to the root prim (the board). And I got rid of the hovertext.

It took a while to figure out which ball corresponded to which position on the destinations notecards, but I had a brainstorm and put in my location and set each ball 50 meters higher than the last. That way I was able to sort out the detinations card without having to retrieve myself from wherever I had been sent.

We now have teleport boards scattered all around Pele.

It's way easy to use, one step! The various destinations are marked with green balls, and you need only touch (left click) one and you will instantly teleport there (well, you may see yourself briefly sit on the board, but you get my drift).

Woo hoo, thanks Punky Nerd! And thanks, Sweetie, for chipping in!

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