Thursday, August 2, 2007


Written 3 August, 2007


When I got home from work and started Second Life, there was an optional viewer download.

Since I figured my SL experience couldn't get much worse than it has been these past four or five days, I downloaded it.

Surprise, surprise, it has voice!

And surprise of all surprises, Everything is working well for me!

I'm not ruthed, I can teleport, my frame rate is way up, search works, my inventory works, my friends list (well, "Contacts") list is working, and I can rez and delete objects. Notecards open, and scripts too.

And I've had the viewer open for more than three hours now, and I've not crashed (Voice first look reliably crashed me every 30 minutes.


Thank you, Lindens!

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Wilhelmina Yoshikawa said...

Hi! Had you downloaded the previous viewer? I heard it was very buggy. Maybe it was the previous viewer that caused all the problems (the ruthing and other things). It seemed to me that you were having many more problems than me. While SL was quite buggy during the weekend and on monday, everything was working fine on tuesday. Could it have been the old viewer? I haven't got yet any voice viewer installed (funny thing to say, voice "viewer", hehe).

I think soon the mandatory viewer will be available anyway, so I won't install the optional viewer yet, I'll just wait for the mandatory. The less stuff I have to install the better, I haven't got much disk space.