Friday, August 10, 2007

Consolidating Pele

Written 9 August, 2007

Consolidating Pele

I’ve suspected for some time that Anche Chung has from time to time quietly and without fanfare revised the covenant for the Forsaken sim.

I mean, I KNOW this was once a pirate area. And yet now it’s not. And after all that money I spent on Jolly Rogers and eyepatches, too!

Anche is putting into place a new payment system which, among other things, will take a 16 square meter bite out of every parcel in Dreamland.


That’s bad— land owners will lose part of their property and the prims that go with them.

Not a well-conceived plan, IMO.

In my case, I would have lost nine 16-meter swatches of land, because I had nine parcels on the Forsaken sim, ranging in size from 2048 to 5120 square meters.

Well, eight, because early on I joined Pele’s 4096 to the 2048 parcel I bought from the Mother Ship Guy. So I stood to lose 96 square meters of land.

Rez a cube prim and stretch it 10 meters along both the X and Y axes. That’s how much land I stood to lose—and 24 prims.

What was infinitely worse, however, was the fact that in the changeover the land will be reclaimed and sold back to the owner for zero lindens—and that during this change, prim-sharing between parcels will be wrecked.

Meaning that those who have more prims on a parcel than that parcel supports will lose them.

Which is most of us, I think.

Winding up with 2/3 of Pele in my Lost and Found folder was not an option; I would have left the prims there and immediately put my land up for sale—so I asked Carcinia Polano, the Dreamland Angel with whom I have done business—if I could join my parcels.

Carcinia, who is indeed an angel, said yes.

And so I did.

Now there’s just one parcel, so Pele should be safe during the soon-to-come changeover.

Or we can hope.

One benefit of the consolidation is that now all of Pele shares the same audio and video stream, meaning that radio stations will be constant as one crosses the land.

I was able to take up seven Wurlitzer jukeboxes. The remaining two are placed so one is always within shouting distance.

It would sure be nice, though, to be able to split parcels at will.

If I had that ability, I could, for instance, make the audio stream for the inside of the Dragon, with its hot dance floor, lights, and mist, a rave station, and the outside, with its marble floors and carpet, a jazz stream.

And if I had a store—which I can’t, since my portion of Dreamland is residential—I would keep build turned off except in the dressing rooms, giving avatars a place to open the boxes that contain their purchases.

You know, I’m just going to have to figure out how I can afford a sim of my own.

Or, I should say, a sim of OUR own, for it will be Sweetie’s as much as mine.

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