Friday, August 10, 2007

What Sim Owners Are Paying For

Written 9 August, 2007

What Sim Owners Are Paying For

The Linden (I won’t mention the name, but you can see it if you follow the thread on the forums) who responded to Wayfinder Wishbringer’s post about poor sim performance missed, in my opinion, the point—which is this:

Sim owners have a reasonable expectation of acceptable levels of performance from their simulators.

Grid problems, perhaps, can be overlooked—but sim owners are paying for virtual space on Linden’s servers, and they are entitled to machines that operate as they are supposed to.

The Lindens get a lot of grief they don’t deserve, but I think in this case they’re deserving of Wayfinder’s ire. There is clearly a problem with performance on his simulator, and the Lindens need to look into it. How unfortunate that the Linden who responded to Wayfinder’s post didn’t acknowledge Linden Lab’s responsibility in this matter.

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