Wednesday, August 1, 2007

WTF, Lindens?!!

Poor Little Ruthed Cheyenne Palisades
Written August 1, 2007

What the Fuck, Lindens?!!

I can't TELL you how damned tired I am of being ruthed. Of not being able to teleport. Of not being able to open notecards. Of not being able to open scripts. Of not being able to delete objects. Of having my inventory empty. Of not being able to go into Appearance. Of not being able to change clothes. Of scripted objects not working. Of not getting repeated IMs from friends. Of not being able to access my lindens. Of buying objects that don't arrive. Of my eyeballs turning black.

And I can't TELL you how concerned I am that the Linden blog hasn't made a single peep about the widespread grid breakdown.

That really has me worried.

Usually one or the other Lindens is all over problems like this, announcing hourly how things are going.

But not this time. Only silence.

When it all started on Sunday, I gave the Lindens the benefit of the doubt. It WAS Sunday, after all, and maybe the people who were on duty were just overwhelmed.

But then Monday came. And Tuesday. And Wednesday. And in an hour, it will be Thursday.

And nothing on the blog.

No notice on the login page.

What the Fuck, Lindens?!!


Corgi said...

:( I posted about the weirdest thing that happened this morning (my morning, and OK, weird to me-the-n00b) in Basically, I fell off the edge of the planet.

Three times.

The last time was just plain creepy.

The whole Tritonis sim was just missing for who-knows-how-many hours.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

I just read your blog, Corgi, and some very interesting stuff about the DC Comics Amazons.

I've had similar experiences.

I guess the Tritonis sim was down. Maybe sent out for dry cleaning.


Cheyenne Palisades said...

Read your blog. Very nice!