Thursday, August 2, 2007


Written 2 August, 2007


I've been puzzling over the silence of the Lindens in the wake of the many disruptions in Second Life.

Why haven't they spoken up?

I read a post on the SL forums last night that could explain it.

Someone hypothesized that the grid is under attack. The attack overwhelms the Linden servers, and widespread chaos ensues.

It makes perfect sense.

First, there are two groups who have cause to be pissed off at Linden Lab and Second Life.

First and foremost are the former casino operators, who lost (in some cases) considerable investments and a lot of income when LL recently shut down the use of gambling machines.

Second are people who were negatively impacted by the theft of 3.2 million Lindens from the SL Stock Exchange.

And of course there are any number of individuals, who have cause to be disgruntled-- for instance, the folks who (according to the SL rags) recently had funds imbezzeled by some guy who sold his private island to five or six different people and split the grid with $11,000 US dollars (the Lindens say they can't do anything about it).

But it makes sense that Second Life would get attacked-- other web-based sites do. And it makes sense LL would keep the news quiet.

I talked it over with my friend Peter this morning, and he has similar suspicions.

Something to think about.

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