Sunday, August 5, 2007

Big Builds

Written 4 August, 2007

Big Builds

Lot of things in Second LIfe are built on a scale larger than life-- but some entire locations are scaled for Stumbo the Giant.

Kirra Ball, who Sweetie and I met at the very interesting Sploland sim, took us to one such build. It was really huge.

Big doors, big furniture, big kitchen appliances, big toilet seat.

The first thing I said when I saw the house and judged how small I was in relation to everything was, "Kirra, please tell me there's not a cat."

"There's not a cat," she promised.

Of course, there was a cat!

But we were safe up on the lighting fixture.

The high point had nothing to do with the scale of the build, however.

Sweetie found a regular-sized desk in a cupboard and sat at it. When I flew up she said, "Please come in, Ms. Palisades. I need to talk to you about your job performance."

"I'm still not going to sleep with you," I said.

“Didn’t I give you a stapler?” she retorted. “And the sharpest pencils? Your own code to the photocopier? And you no longer have to clean the bathrooms.”

“You can’t ask this of me!” I said plaintively.

“A megalomaniacal CEO like me has… needs,” she leered, and came around the desk after me.

“Eeek!” I squeaked, and tried to put a chair between us.

I can’t quite remember the rest of the conversation/sexual assault, but I assure you, Sweetie was every bit as much “on” as she was in the recent “Torrent of Consciousness” blog.

From now on I’m going to capture Sweetie’s maunderings.

And my feeble responses.


(Sure wish I'd made a notecard about that big build!)

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