Saturday, September 22, 2007

Update on Pele: V. Teleport Sign

Written 21 September, 2007

Update on Pele

V. Teleport Sign

I can't remember if I blogged on this, so here goes.

Awhile back we bought Punky Nerd's teleport system to replace the aubreTEC system we'd been using. The AubreTEC was cleveryly scripted and worked well, but was a bit difficult for visitors to figure out, as it required three steps to use-- touching, choosing, and sitting.

Punky's system requires only a left click and wham! You're there!

So, yes, I'm remembering I DID blog about this, so I'll get to the meat of the matter here-- the TP board needed something, and our entry area was getting a little cluttered, so Sweetie had a brainstorm and I did the sweat work, and we came up with a display that looks, according to our friend Peter Stindberg, like a sign you might see in a national park.

Here it is.
It incorporates landmark givers, notecard givers, online indicators, a notice for students for our classes, a visitor counter, mailboxes, and online indicators for both me and Sweetie.


Indigo said...

Chey & Sweetie as a team...I love your ideas and the end result is always amazing. Awesome.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Thanks, Indigo! I was on the phone with Sweetie when I read your message and relayed it to her as she drove home from work.