Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pele Lava Fields

Written 29 September, 2007

Re-Written 30 September, 2007 (Damn Blogger!)

Pele Lava Fields

It's interesting to live in a geologically active area like Pele.

On the plus side, there'e plenty of hot water.

On the negative side, the land isn't very stable.

This week hot magma found its way through fissures in the earth and forced its way to the surface at Pele, creating a lava field near the Pele Community Center, just at the edge of the lagoon.

The geologist (well, an av we found named Stone) tells us all of Pele is threatened. He thinks it is a new volcano in the making.

"It's my wretchedsister!" Pele cried. "She has found me again. I'm going to have to move again. She has chased me all across the Pacific, and now she has found me in Second Life!"

I gave her two valium and put her to bed.

I have put her sister on the Ban list.


Corgi said...

But is it 'a'a or pahoehoe?

Cheyenne Palisades said...

I dispatched a messenger to Hawaii to find out. But reports have come back that she is drinking mai tais and neglecting her responsibilities.