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Those M...F... from Gor

That Motherfucker John Norman

Chronicles of Gor

* Caution: Strong Language Warning *

Written 26 March, 2007

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Those Motherfuckers from Gor

I’m a deeply spiritual person, but I have always had a dislike of and distrust of organized religions. I have never sensed God in a church, but She is all around me when I am in a forest or at the top of a mountain or walking the edge of an ocean.

I understand why people embrace the various churches.

But it baffles me entirely when they cleave to something created from whole cloth, especially something so patently full of bullshit that believing in it is a sign of mental deficiency.

You, know, stuff like when some idiot “finds” a set of tablets in a cornfield and his sycophants colonize The Beehive State or a second-rate science fiction writer-turned-recluse spouts nonsense that ensnares dimwits like John Travolta and Tom Cruise.

But people buy into it, even unto moving lock, stock, and barrel to Guyana, even unto drinking the red Kook-Aide.

You know, the last word in the line above above has a typo, but I think I will let it stand, as it sort of makes sense.

People wed themselves to outlandish political philosophies, too, fomenting October Rebellions and participating in Krystallnachts and pogroms and embracing nonsense like Reagan’s “trickle-down” economy.

And worst of all is that people buy into really bad fiction.

Good fiction, too. The writings of J.R.R. Tolkien and Wendi Pini have inspired entire elf kingdoms, and the respectively scary and sensual vampire tales of Bram Stoker and Anne Rice have led to a genre of vampire fiction and Second Life vampire sims.

But bad fiction...

Somewhere in a box of paperbacks I have, I believe, one or perhaps even two of John Norman’s Gor novels. I (as, apparently have others) found them first eminently unreadable and, second, repulsive in content and bullshit religio-socio-pscho-sexual-political ideology.

The worlds of Gor—and there are quite a few now, more than 100 sims on SL alone, I understand-- are philosophically based on the fascist ideology that power makes everything right and the Orwellian notion that, like “war is peace,” “slavery is freedom.”

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

And scary bullshit at that.

On Second Life, Gor is a place where women are subjugated, psychologically, socially, mentally, financially, and physically, to men, who are somehow “stronger.” They are routinely tortured, raped, and murdered. And why? Because men are the "superior" sex.

Hmmm. I wonder how those fascist Gor motherfuckers deal with the fact that my female av has just as much mass and is exactly as “strong” as theirs.

Oh, right. They just turn to the ravings of that National Socialist John Norman and read that women are inferior. So it must be so.

[Rhetorical note to John fucking Norman, who is probably long dead (nope, Wiki tells me he is alive and still fantasizing about degrading women): The last time men had real physical superiority over women was the day a woman realized she could wait until the bastard was asleep and bash his brains out with a big rock. Since then, it’s all been mindfuck, and you are perhaps the biggest mindfucker of all, second only to, perhaps, Jim Jones, Joseph Smith, and L. Ron Hubbard. Be the man, since you’re still alive, and disavow Gor as the bullshit it is.]

Women are enslaved in Gor, subjugated by men, methodically and brutally disempowered and disenfranchised, to the point of being exiled, or, more often, murdered for being cheeky or otherwise refusing to put up with the cow patootie.

All of this might be all right if the participants were able to make a real choice.

But they don’t get to make a real choice because of the cultish nature of Gor.

Oh, the Gor motherfuckers claim they’re not a cult, but we all know better. They use all the cult tricks—peer pressure, love bombs, cutting of ties with the outside world, praise and punishment—to manipulate and force women into being slaves (or else to rebel impotently against being enslaved, which is a form of enslavement itself).

And for that matter, the cult also manipulates men into subjugating women.

It’s sad so many people lack the imagination to make their own realities and buy into the fucked-up, badly-written, National Socialist mythos of Gor.



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Anonymous said...

wow.. I'm not a follower of Gor, but you clearly haven't read the ideologies behind it.

Gor is consentual. As is ballet dancing in a leotard made of denim.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

As in swimming in a lead bikini.

The rhetoric is that it is consensual, but pressures, subtle and not-so-subtle, renderis less than so.

Corgi said...

Battered wives not leaving abusive husbands could be seen as consentual, too. Gor makes the BDSM scene look... comprehensible.

Cheyanne, I think I just love you. [big Themiscyran hug]

(sometimes 'Melanippe Karas')

Gregg said...

I was going to point out that the Gor series is fiction, a badly written pulp novel series, but then I realized that this is a Second Life blog. It would probably be pointless to try to explain the difference between reality and fantasy to someone like you.

Never mind.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Fuck you, Gregg. People in RL live "Gorean lifestyles" and espouse the return of slavery. Here in Second Life, Gorean ideologies abound-- and I would claim that is real in its own way. I can't go hair shopping without being visually confronted by half-naked "slave girls" with submissive postures and wearing collars.

If you had read my post, instead of just reacing to it, you would have seen that I made a point of the Gor series being badly written. And since I don't believe on a Gorean planet on the other side of the sun (bad geophysics as well as bad writing), I clearly know John fucking Norman's Gor books are fiction.

And thanks, you Gorean motherfucker, for dismissing me as incapable of distinguishing between reality and fantasy.

But them I'm a mere woman, right, and not capable of rational thought.

Gregg said...

Don't be silly, Chey. Being a woman has nothing to do with it. You're a second lifer, and not capable of rational thought.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Gregg, if you can't address yourself to the issues in "Those Motherfuckers from GOR" instead of to my presumed deficiently in intellect, I am going to remove your comments.

Anonymous said...

I have roleplayed gor for many years. The premise behind the books is so much more than what you speak of Chey.
There is honor. There is pride for a homestone. Do you know what a homestone is, or do you just bash fictional cultures that you have little true knowledge of?
While slavery is part of Gor, there is so very much more to Gor. I'm curious why the economy, council run cities and such weren't discussed.
I'm guessing it's one of two things. You either don't have enuff knowledge on the subject you speak of, or you just seek to ridicule one part of a whole fictional culture that some seek to roleplay

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Thank you for your thoughts, anonymous, but you know, people defended the Nazis too. Dudette, if you just get past the genocide and other atrocities, they're pretty cool folks. Nice uniforms. Pretty children. Nah. I have no respect for anyone who will tolerate in any way a society with enforced slavery. Way different from BDSM, with which I have no problems.

You know, so this post won't generate the same weak defenses over and over again, I will erase any further comments here. So please don't bother.

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Well, Gregg... I've yet to see an example of rational thought from you. Actually, the stupid generalization about Second Life residents tends to argue against your having that ability.

Anonymous said...

I "live" the Gorean life and have been in SL and have played the simulations. (to an extent) I am an intelligent man. And, I do understand the difference and importance between the sexes. And I have to say that you can incorporate some concepts of the Groan life in RL. But all in all Cheyenne you are soooooo right. I see it as an angry society trying to find a crack in the system. To be able to let go, kicking down someone weaker then themselves to feel more important. Identifying with other with the same desires so they can feel it is ok to think that way. The "strong" find or gravitate to the weak. I love my "Slave" she loves me. We can do the role play in that manner. But we are just two people that truly care for and trust each other. We do understand the difference. I find in SL and in RL absolute power corrupts absolutely. You can, but rarely, come across "Gorean" individuals that know the difference between reality and fiction. For the most part the Gorean lifestyle draws the weak, that think they are strong. Then finds the weaker and dismantles their humanism. The Gorean folk will freak out about this way of thinking, because after all their purpose is to avoid seeing the ugly person they really are. They spend too much time staring at themselves in the mirror saying I am the master of the universe instead of going out side and seeing how the universe actually spins. We have a society of shut-ins. But then again, this is another pitfall of the internet. Small unbalanced individuals can hide hundreds of miles away. Cloaked behind an "avatar" and over time (like an addiction) convince themselves of someone there are really not....

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with the lat post, I've lived Gor to a huge extent RL, at least in terms of the philosophies. And for the most part its not about owning slaves its about slef-mastery. The majority of online Goreans are weak and live a fantasy existence safe behind their computer screens. If anything the actions of Gorean Second Lifers does enormous damage to the lifestyle.

zafar said...

well, first of will merely find any gorean using 'that word' to any religion or to any kind of culture. I personally have never found any second lifers as decent as the goreans are. most of them are intelligent, with good test of art, culture and literacy. they value freedom and honor. and i don't know about the rl life-stylers.... but sl gor is fun, much better then any sl dark den, BDSM, urban city RP, gay, transsexuals, IM sex, dance clubs etc. rest is soooooo boring.

Arturi said...

Man, some of you people need to get a grip. It is a game after all. Also, it is totally consentual, arguably even more so than RL RP such as bdsm because logging out or teleporting away is just so easy compared with bleating your safe word, packing up your ropes, and going home in a RL group situation. I spend time in Gor sims and when there conform to the cultural requirments of the place but this does not mean that I hold these values in RL. Hell, in war games I have played the Nazis and I am no Nazi. I played Jack the Ripper in a play once and I am no seriel killer. This is because the operative term here is 'play'. If, in the real world, Gorean lifestylers actually tried to impose their draconian ethic upon others I would be prepared to take up arms if that was necessary to oppose them. In a game, however, I can play at being something I am not and even take pride in doing this well. I don't blame anyone for not liking Gor and my own character has trouble with the idea of slaves and the treatment of women there but I role play this inworld. The truth of it is though that I just can't escape the fact that Gor sims are the best developed and that the RP there is of a significantly higher calibre than anywhere else in SL. Finally, if you have a problem with it why not attack the problem rather than hurling personal abuse which, frankly, does your argument no favours.

Anonymous said...

Goreans are closet gays - am sure of it.... you see the big question is -
If you hate women enough to subjugate them, who do you love?....

Anonymous said...

Seriously, whoever disses Gor are either feminists with a tooth against men, or all out stupid and don't know anything. I'm sorry but living the "Gorean Lifestyle" Is perfectly consensual in these days. Only dumb idiots will force the gorean lifestyle on women. I know from personal experience that many women adore being slaves, submissive. So tell you what, you're not happy? Turn around and leave, no one cares about your opinions and you shouldn't care about Gor.

Anonymous said...

The slavemaster serial killer was a Gorean male dom who hunted women in "Active worlds" a precursor to SL. I have met people in sl who knew him, and some of his victims. Guess what? They dont play Gor anymore.