Friday, September 21, 2007

Update On Pele: III. Signage

Written 20 September, 2007

Update on Pele

III: Signage

Not long after I acquired Pele, I found myself in need of a sign. There being no way—or at least no way I knew of—to make a sign in world, I created one in Quark Xpress.

My Jurassic version of XPress has only limited ability to export files; options are the native Quark format and encapsulated Postscript—but Adobe Acrobat captures output to the printer, and so I printed my first sign to Acrobat Distiller.

It took only a few minutes to figure out that Acrobat would export graphics files, and so I made an JPG and imported it into Second Life. I pasted it on a prim, and suddenly I had a sign.

I’ve made lots of signs for Pele; for the most part, I’ve tried to keep them simple. Here are some of them.

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