Saturday, September 22, 2007


Written 21 September, 2007


Torley Linden has been putting weekly posts on the Linden Lab blog, tips of the week. Last week's talked about RenderGlow and RenderDynamicReflections, which can be toggled in the Debug menu under the Client menu.

I tried RenderGlow, and my ice dragon av was so bright I couldn't look at it. I promptly switched it off.

I kept RenderDynamicReflections on for a while, though.

It actually DOES sometimes render dynamic reflections.


Here's a photo of a shiny rock in Sweetie's reflecting fountain at Pele. You can see that the wooden frame is actually reflected from the surface of the rock.

Photo 4 shows the rocks with RenderDynamicReflections turns off, and Photo 5 shows the frame that is reflected in Photos 1-3.

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