Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Filters for Your Second Life Camera

Here's a Photo of the Rain Forest, Using My Favorite Filter of Ruby Glass.
Written 19 September, 2007

Filters for Your Second Life Camera

Back in the day, I sooooo wanted a set of Cokin filters for my 35mm camera. I think I eventually got a UV filter, but I never got the cool colored and shaped filters I drooled over the Cokin catlaog.

So how happy was I when one day I realized I could make real-life style filters for my Second Life camera?


Here's how to do it.

Rez a plywood prim cube and apply a texture to it. Perhaps you have a nice ruby glass texture, like I do. Adjust transparency (you may need to play with this). Now apply it to your hud and position it in Edit. You may need to stretch or rotate it so it fully covers the screen

You are now looking through the world with (if you chose a red texture, rose-colored glasses).

It will be difficult to walk while wearing the HUD, so you'll want to get into position before wearing the HUD.

I usually zoom my camera and save my snapshots to disk by holding down the CTRL and tilde keys, but when I was playing with filters, I took my pictures in mouselook, using the Snapshots tab at the bottom of the screen.


Peter Stindberg said...

It's eerie how similar we are, sis. I still have one of those catalogues with filters, tripods, auxiliary flashes, lamp reflecotrs, motorwinders ("motorwinder" is actually a word which is in high danger of becoming extinct) and all the wonderful gizmos for photographing and vidoegraphing (another soon to be extinct word).

dandellion Kimban said...

Ah, I would be so happy to be able to mount a different lenses and filters on my SL camera. Guess that I need different renderer module for that :(
But I like your idea with coloured filters. I'll try it today. BTW, to cover all the screen HUD needs to be 1.4x1m for regular ratio (not 16:9).

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Thanks Peter (Peter is now my SL brother, my second; the first is Mordecai Scaggs. Motorwinder would be a great SL first name, wouldn't it?

Dandellion, thanks for your comment.

I'm going to revise my post, because you must, in the snapshots tab, set "Show HUD Objects in Snapshot."

Venus said...

Very cool Chey!! I'll have to try that after I finish the apartments, and make my radios, and...and....and.....