Friday, September 21, 2007

Update on Pele: II. Waves

Written 20 September, 2007

Update on Pele

II. Waves

Ante Flan has released V3.0 of his great waves, and he offers a free upgrade, so I’ve replaced all of Pele’s with his new sculpted creations. The shore waves are particularly nice, curling around prettily as they approach and then retreat from the land. His old waves are back in my inventory (well, actually I deleted the ones on the land, since they’re copyable). I added just enough sound to make the sound of the sea pleasant; previously, it was entirely too loud in places because I had thrown in too many sound scripts and didn’t know how to stop the sound (simply deleting the script doesn’t work; you have to run a script to stop the sound or else make a copy of the prim and use it to replace the original).

Because I’ve learned a lots since December, when I first threw out Ante’s waves, it was much easier to place them. I did the entire northern edge of the sim and the half of the western edge in less than an hour—and it took that long only because I was adapting them to the irregular shore line.

The new waves are striking. The long waves come with optional particle effects, which are nice to place among rocks, so the spray looks realistic, and there’s a prim that gives the water a turbulent look.

One of my friends and renters is Feminist Expedition, for whom I set up a nice tiki house on the western edge of the sim. She was kind enough to allow me to move her house—which stand on stilts over the water—a couple of meters inland to create an unrestricted view of the waves; you can now walk in the water along the sim edge, with shore waves swirling around you and breakers crashing over your head.

Here are some shots of Pele’s waves, before. "After" waves will follow.

Photos: Pele, Ante Flan waves, V. 2

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