Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Camera Control

Cheyenne from Above

Cheyenne From Below

Chey is Ready For Her Closeup

Chey and BreathOfG8d Onmura, Highlight Transparent Toggled On

 Pele, Ruby Glass Filter on HUD

Written 19 September, 2007

Control That Camera!

Sweetie and I have now taught two classes in beginning camera control, and last week we introduced a class in intermediate camera control.

Woo hoo!

Sweetie is a born teacher, and a performer to boot, so the introduction of a new class is a significant event for her. It has to be planned and visual-- or, in these postmodern days, multimedia-- aids have to be prepared.

Me, I'm an off the cuff sort of person. I just show up and talk.

Our difference in personality could easily lead to friction, but of course Sweetie's way is the proper way to do it, and so I work with her to prepare for our classes.

What a novel concept! Preparation!

And as the hour approaches and she gets a bit of performance anxiety, I try to give her some room so she can work through it. And then we have our class, and she is marvelous.

I love my Sweetie!

Here are some snapshots which, I hope, will give readers an idea of what can be achieved by playing with the camera position, time of day, Windlight (when it arrives in permanent form), and the various settings in the Client menu.

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