Sunday, September 16, 2007

Forsaken Slows Again (And Postscript)

Written 5 August, 2007

Forsaken Slows Again (And Postscript)

After about two weeks of perfect performance, my home sim of Forsaken has had a relapse. For the past week and more, simulator FPS has dropped from 44-45 to 41-42, and time dilation has gone from .99 to .91 (and occasionally less)

A check of Max Case’s Sim Neighbors website (thanks again, Peter, for finding this for me) reveals that Forsaken once again has a new sim neighbor. We are again paired with a single sim, suggesting we have for some reason been moved to an older, slower server.

I doubt anything can be done about this, short of greasing some Linden’s palm to relocate us to a Class 5 server. Guess we’ll just have to live with it.

At least Kitto Flora’s little steam train is still running properly. Sort of.


Postscript, 10 August, 2007

Sim is going full speed again.

The same scripts and objects are on the land. Nothing has changed. The time required to run scripts is the same.

It's nothing we're doing.

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