Friday, September 21, 2007

Update on Pele: I. Intro, and Prims

Newly-Acquired 3k Parcel

A Prim. Pele Has 7496 of These.
Written 20 September, 2007

Update on Pele

I. Intro, and Prims

I know I’ve not been blogging much over the past few weeks; it’s because I’ve been busy on Pele.

First, good news: Sweetie and I have reacquired the 3k parcel I sold to Nikolas Dix some time ago.

Woo hoo!

Faithful readers may remember that I bought a passel of parcels from Damian Marseille—so many, in fact, that I pretty much panicked at the thought of the tier and flipped one. But Damian had made a special price on the condition that I buy all his lots, so, to be honorable, I did. I sold the 3k to Nik within minutes, at the exact price for which I bought it.

When Nik put his Dreamlands up for sale two weeks ago, I IMed him and told him I was interested in the 3K. He set the parcel for sale to me, but at 12.5k more than I had sold it to him—and that at a time of depressed prices. I reminded him I hadn’t marked it up when I sold it to him, and he did the right thing and relisted it at the original price. Nik is an OK guy, and I wish him well on his two recently-acquired mainland sims.

It was a relief to get the new land; it really opens up the eastern part of Forsaken. I was glad to tear down the barrier we had built to screen the house of Nik’s renter, who lived in a glass house in which the windows were papered with scenes of gay bondage. Sweetie and I didn’t mind the gay part, but the bondage was unsettling—and so we threw up a big prim screen with a picture of Hawaii (alpha on Mr. Bondage’s side) and screened the prim with vegetation so it wouldn’t look TOO bad. We reclaimed about 50 prims when I tore down the wall, and of course there are more than 700 prims available with the purchase of the land. We’re prim rich, woo hoo!


I’ve been meaning to talk about prims, and this seems as good a time as any.

When I first bought the 4096 parcel that was Pele, I thought 900 +prims was a generous number. Of course, I was soon running low and looking for more. I bought a 2048 square meter plot, and then a 5120, and then other parcels; each time, the prim count jumped, and each time we had no trouble using up the allotment.

Owning half of Forsaken gives Sweetie and I a significant pool of prims from which to draw, but I suppose even with an entire sim it would be easy to run out of prims. And certainly, even with a large parcel, if you let your prim count drop below 300 or so, a single unfortunate incident can run you smack out. You can lose a tiny high-prim HUD or piece of jewelry on the land or some idiot can leave his prim-heavy Tardis phone booth on your front lawn, and wham! You’re prim poor!

Sweetie and I are on a perpetual hunt for lost prims (objects rarely get away from us nowadays when we build, but in the old days I was forever sending prims into orbit or deep underground) and replacing high-prim objects with lower-prim designs helps keep our prim count down. (Sculpties have helped greatly in this regard!) We have, luckily, always managed to keep a few free prims while stuffing Pele with fun builds. We ran out only once, when I carelessly put a non-temp object in a rezzer, which cheerfully created 8-prim giant ferns every 90 seconds while I slept, frittering away more than 700 prims. The next morning, There were 0 free prims on the land, and some of Sweetie’s objects had been returned. She was not amused.

Pele is fully primmed-out. We now have five rental properties (four are rented, anyone looking for a beautiful tiki house in a tropical paradise?) the volcano and lava flow, an under-the-volcano bath house, the Pele Gardens, a lake, a river stuffed with sea creatures, an elaborate train system, two homes, an underwater park, a beach camp, a huge night club, and hundreds of plants, but we be doing okay on prims at Pele.

Of course, we could use more!

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