Tuesday, March 23, 2010

YouTube is Broken

Written 23 March, 2010

YouTube is Broken

According to my media player, YouTube has introduced a new method of streaming and this has broken all YouTube videos in Second Life.

Oh noooes!

Tonight Sweetie and I planned to watch this weeks' episode of Legend of the Seeker in world, but it wouldn't stream.

I could find nothing about this on the YouTube site or on Google search.


Mairenn said...

Good thing I didn't notice and come crying to you!

Whatcha Eaton said...

Yup... about six days ago I think it was, YouTube stopped working on my fancy-pants [Zone] TV. I was saddened. And it is REALLY broken through no fault of [Zone]. The maker of my TV found a work-around (bless him for trying) using Shared Media, but you know what that means: Viewer 2. (At least for now.)


Sere Timeless said...

When I visited the Damiani media viewer showroom in SL the other day the sign there said that my current viewer (Mac 1.23.5 couldn't show YouTube in SL, but that if I used the new Beta viewer YouTube would work on their . Haven't had time to go back to the showroom using the Beta viewer to see if life is really better.