Saturday, March 6, 2010


This spot attracts homesteaders.

 Written 5 March, 2010


In the past month three different people have decided to erect a house on our Whimsy Kaboom sim. In each case, I flew by and whuttt???

I returned the homes and sent messages to all three saying they were welcome to visit Whimsy, but to please refrain from rezzing prims.

One was new and didn't know any better. The second had been around awhile and knew better; he apologized, too. The third had an ego bigger than Marlon Brando's. He told me in IM that my sim was ugly and undeserving of his beautiful shack (it was, of course, because Kaboom was so ugly that he decided to throw down stakes), and I wasn't using the land anyway.

That got him muted and banned, of course.

You gotta wonder about how some people are screwed together.

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