Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Curio Obscura

Written 3 March, 2010

Curio Obscura

One of my favorite shops in Second Life is Pandora Wriggleworth's Curio Obscura on the Rendervisions sim.

Pandora sells an amazing assortment of toys, gadgets, conveyances, and contrivances, each for a modest amount. Her items include a clockwork brain (replaces your own, works on its own power!), teleporter doors with a great animation, a tiny coupe you and your friends can drive, a hairdo as big as a house, a horseless gown to patrol the roads, and a pair of extendable shoes that work like stilts.

You can buy an avatar clock that points out the time (literally, with you as the clock's working), a rideable broom, an amazing one-prim swing, and robot pillow fight, a great twist on Ronco's Rock-'em, Sock'-em Robots of the 1960s.

Pandora's signage is great, witty and retro, and her shop is comfortable and uncrowded, even when it's full of avatars.

In fact, the shop isn't a shop at all, but rather some sort of alien being. One can see this by sitting in the chair at this control center:

When one does, the view is thrown outside, where you see the TRUE nature of the building!

Yep, it's some kind of steam-powered mechanical giant bug. Of course it is! And how cool is that?


Maggie Bluxome said...

Hi! So I've bought a couple cute outfits from this store and love it. Quite adorable and loved the controls to play with the mechanical building. :)

Anonymous said...

Sweetie Says...

I love Curio :) Pure, Rabid, Delicious & Sassy fun!