Monday, June 15, 2009

Whimcentricity Arrives!

Written 15 June, 2009

Whimcentricity Arrives!

Leaf Shermer has reactivated one of her former homestead sims. It's now called Whimcentricity and is located south of Whimsy and north of Leaf's Eccentricity sim. This means that either Whimsy has been pushed one square north on the map, or Eccentricity one square south-- no matter, as all landmarks still work.

We will be sharing expenses with Leaf.

It's nice to fly up on Eccentricity from the ocean, and similarly nice to get a view over the ocean from Whimsy's south side. Frame rate is better on both sims, since graphics cards no longer have to render textures from both sims.

Whimcentricity will be mostly water, with some land masses for renting or building. The actual design has not yet been decided, as Leaf is away seeing family with a poor internet connection. When she returns we'll collaborate on ground textures and design.

Meanwhile, why not play?

In its initial incarnation, there's a wonderful underwater labyrinth that takes forever to walk, making Whimcentricity seem frigging HUGE!

The labyrinth was born when I took Sweetie to see the Virtual Native Lands, a multi-sim memorial to the native peoples of the Americas. She was enthralled by an overhead photo of a serpent mound (click the image to get a good look).

She couldn't wait to make something similar in Second Life, so when Whimcentricity arrived, she designed the labyrinth offworld in Backhoe and e-mailed the resulting RAW file to Leaf, who uploaded it onto the land.
Whimcentricity's labyrinth is at this point entirely landscape, except for a few marker prims, but it's well worth seeing, as it gives a sense of distance rarely seen in Second Life.

We will be putting several rental houses on Whimcentricity's islands. Faithful readers who would like to  live in paradise should visit the sim, and, if interested, should IM me, Cheyenne Palisades.

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