Monday, June 1, 2009

The Lindens Do It Again

Defiant openspace owner faces down Linden robot police
Written 1 June, 2009

The Lindens Do It Again

At the eleventh hour, ack Linden has announced a reversal of the previous reversal of the previous previous reversal of policies (whew!) for openspace sims. 3750-prim openspace sims purchased before 1 July, 2009 will be grandfathered at the $95 USD tier rate until 1 June, 2010—and those who abandoned their openspaces because of last fall’s reversal of the reversal of the original openspace policy will be able to reactivate their sims without charge.

Ya gotta wonder—why this announcement?

* Was Jack feeling guilty?

* Was Linden Lab in a panic over the impending return of thousands of openspace and homestead sims on 31 May?

* Is Linden Lab, despite its repeated pronouncements about how well it is doing, broke and in need of more cash from tier?

By his poor decision-making, Jack Linden has caused an immense amount of drama. He has done harm to Second Life, caused thousands of sim owners grief and loss of money, made bad PR for Linden Lab, and worst of all, made cynics of tens of thousands of people (like myself) who used to support Linden Lab.

And it was all so needless!

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