Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bubuing Around

Basic Bubu

Bubu store. I took the photo before it had rezzed.
I thought that appropriate, since the basic bubu is uncolored and untextured

Chey and Bubu in space

Ninja Bubus. The Bubu on the left (that would be me)
has forgotten to remove her system skirt.
Written 21 June, 2009

Bubuing Around

When Sweetie came online one night recently, she was on a mission: to track down some things she had read about.

Our first mission was to track down the elusive bubu.

Bubus are a type of avatar created by Logan Skytower and nicely are up here. They can be purchased on XStreet or (not surprisingly) at the Bubu store.

Bubus are untextures scupted prims that comprise a basic clunky-and-yet-cute shape. Texture maps are provided with the $250L purchase of the basic Bubu, so you can make your own overlays-- and you can select from dozens of existing overlays. Changing your look is easy-- you just pull it out of inventory-- it rezzes as a spray can-- and touch it, and pssst! you are a new Bubu!

How clever! And fun!

Here's to you, Bubu!

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Logan Skytower said...

Hey, thanks for that great little review! Really appreciate it and keep telling everyone about it! :D