Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Robot's Day Out

Written 20 June, 2009

A Robot's Day Out

The robot sanitorium rarely allows its patients to have day passes.

It's for their own safety.

The inmates-- er, patients-- at the sanitorium are there for a variety of reasons. They're not quite... right.

This robot, for instance, has fallen hopelessly in love with the simple machine that controls the dancing fountains on the main floor. She came to the sanitorium in the first place because she had a crush on a toaster.

This robot is the victim of robotaxia. It simply cannot control its movements. Here, Chey has found it embedded in a steam pipe.

But Chey has a special friendship with one of the patients, and arranged to take her on an outing. She didn't actually get permission, but since the director is on leave without pay pending indictment, she managed to spirit the robot away.

As a date goes, it wasn't much. The first place they went, Chey's robot friend stopped, entranced by pretty lights.

So Chey took the robot back to the sanitorium and proceeded to flirt with the bugbot.

Then it was time Meds time. Chey's friend dutifully took her Robothorazine and retired to her quarters to dream happy robot dreams.

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Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Sigh... I'm glad the Robot Sanitorium exists, but I fear I had best not go there now. I'd be an emotional wreck. Poor things...