Monday, June 8, 2009

Thanks, Chestnut

Written 8 June, 2009


I thank Chestnut Rau for making the following comment:

I was nodding in enthusiastic agreement with your post until I got to this:

"Get wings or pointed ears or a tail for your avatar. Live in Babylonian or Victorian splendor."

Wings, elf ears and neko tails are completely ubiquitous in SL. Slapping on some freebie wings is not fabulous and I am not sure how Victorian splendor can be considered breaking away from earthbound ideas of prestige. 

Is it great to break away from the confines of RL - absolutely. Is the antidote to RL to assume the uniform of some SL "counter culture" - meh.

I think we all should dig deep in our own imaginations and come up with something new and different and uniquely our own.

Chestnut is right, of course (thanks for commenting!); my examples of fabulosity were pretty lame.

I can only attribute my lack of imagination to the lateness of the hour and the fact that I was thinking about ways Second Life's yuppies might venture out of their own buttholes.

So let me amend what I wrote:

Get fabulous! Rez a 10 meter spherical prim, turn it physical, sit on it with your friends,  and type 4000 in the Z box for position. Set up giant physical dominos, covering an entire sim, and knock them over. Extra points if they make particles as they fall. Be the first Second Life musician to play the pan flute. Fly to 50,000,000 meters and watch your avi fall apart. Design a dress made of mousetraps. Fire yourself from an avatar cannon and see how many sims you cross before you land in someone's beach house while they're making love. Build a tribute park for Jerry Garcia. Make a cheese doodle avatar. Fill your virtual mercedes full of cement. Set fire to the freebie UPS truck. Make your shoes squeak.Make a house that looks like an Altoid tin. Or be serious. Raise 50,000 Lindens for your favorite charity. Earn a master's degree. Build a gadget that helps people with real life disabilities navigate the grid. Write a novel based on your Second Life.

And finally: make a good supply of donuts and place them randomly around your property.

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chestnut rau said...

Grins happily. I want to come play at Chey's house!

I blogged about ways to prevent boredom in SL a bit ago. Check it out!