Friday, June 12, 2009

Selling From Cutouts

Written 12 June, 2009

Selling from Cutouts

I've noticed an increase lately in the numbers of merchants who sell clothes from cutouts as opposed to say, signs.

I find them difficult to buy from, as you get rather less of an idea what the garment really looks like until the final rez:

Even rezzed, it's difficult to get an idea of what the clothing looks like:

As with all things new, there's evolution. I've seen some stunning displays that use cutouts. Witness this from (I believe) Sey:

I can live with cutouts like the above.

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Peter Stindberg said...

This topic gets discussed in designer groups and on Plurk every now an then. While I personally prefer well done vendor images as well, a lot of customers and the majority of designers seem to prefer the cutouts/clotheshangers. Designers mostly claim they cutouts are easier to make compared to vendor images.