Friday, June 19, 2009

Testing Island Designs

Kaboom Prims Sent up to 1000 Meters
Overhead View, Hamora Island Design by Sweetie
Written 16 June, 2009

Testing Island Designs

This morning I raised every prim on the surface of Whimsy Kaboom one thousand meters. The ground is bare.

We’re ready to rez a variety of terrains on the sim.

Over the last year Sweetie has used the off-world Mac program Backhoe to design a variety of terrains. The first, Whimsy, was a collaborative project between the two of us; the rest are purely hers.

We’ve put her terrains briefly on the land so we could look at them, but now we need to get them ready to sell. So for a few weeks we’ll be rezzing her various designs, checking and tweaking them, and putting down vegetation and houses to take photos.

Sweetie’s work is unlike any other designer’s— so don’t be surprised by what you see on Whimsy Kaboom.

And if you’re looking for the prims that used to be on the ground, fly up to 1000 meters. They look strange sitting up there.

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