Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hair Fair

Written 24 June, 2009

Hair Fair

(This piece was meant to be posted before the last piece, but oh, well!)

Sweetie and I were unable to teleport to ANY of the four Hair Fair sims last weekend.

Lord knows we tried!

By some miracle Sweetie was able to reach one of the sims on Monday night, and, by repeatedly trying to teleport, I was able to eventually join her.

We took off our AOs, shoes, jewelry, and other HUDs and attached objects (Sweetie even took off her hair) turned down our draw distance, shut off Windlight and other advanced graphics features, turned off particles, clouds, water, and other not-essential-at-the-moment rendering categories, and used the Debug menu to set the maximum number of avatars rendered to three. Then we raced around (well, as much as we COULD race in a sim averaging .03 time dilation) grabbing demos.

Even with graphics set so low (I was getting 17.5 fps), signs were terribly slow to rez. As soon as we could identify the demo buttons, we grabbed demo hair. Fortunately, even as slow as the sim was running (1 fps most of the time), everything we bought was delivered within seconds.

Then we went home and put on a fashion show for one another.

We did the same thing Tuesday night.

Two down, two to go!

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