Thursday, January 29, 2009

Your Problem Will Be Escalated

Written 29 January, 2009

Your Problem Will Be Escalated

Two weeks ago I discovered about half my jewelry items were missing.

I keep my jewelry in a folder called Chey's Bling, which in turn is kept in the system folder Body Parts (so I can't accidentally delete all my jewelry).  The folders are all there, and after I clear the cache there are those right-pointing areas that indicate a folder has contents, but the arrows disappear when I touch the folders.

The missing jewelry represents at least $9000 Linden-- but worse, I really LIKED most of it. I have enough to get by, but some of my most favorite pieces are gone.

This represents my first major inventory loss. In the past I've had objects not arrive after purchase or found items I've recently purchased missing after a relog, but I've been lucky until now.

I filed a support ticket, of course. As if I were an idiot who just misplaced my stuff, the Lindens closed it-- and without reporting the action via e-mail, as they have always done before. I reopened the ticket last night and filled in a form this morning, but I don't have high hopes.

Especially considering what HAS to be a brain fart in the Lindens' corresponse to me.

Take a close look at the picture.

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Whatcha Eaton said...

All your inventory are belong to us.