Friday, January 2, 2009

No More Prims with Blank Names?

Written 2 January, 2009

No More Prims with Blank Names?

When working on the Doors of Enlightenment the other day, I discovered I couild no longer give a prim a null name.Whenever I did, it would revert to its previous name.

Prims with a null (blank) name are handy for talking scripts. With them, up at the Robot Sanitarium Bender the roobot will say "Bite my crank!" instead of "Bender the robot: Bite my crank." (if you start the script's statements with /me, that is.)

But apparently the ability to blank object names has, with no announcement from the Lindens, been removed.

It's server side, because I immediately logged on with the Nicholaz EC viewer and couldn't make names blank.

Since I am by nature both devious and antiauthoritarian, I immediately teleported to the robot sanitorium, where I have several null-name prims. I copied one, attached it to my arm, brought it back to the lava tube, dropped it, shaped it into a new door, applied texture, dragged the smartass True Enlightenment door script into the contents, and presto, I had a no-name Door to True Enlightenment, and Lindens be damned.

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