Friday, January 2, 2009

True Enlightenment

Written 2 January, 2008

True Enlightenment

Yesterday morning I was standing on Robot Island with several script windows open and my mind in an LSL haze, when an avatar walked up.

He was new, although he had taken pains to do the front page of his profile, which proclaimed him to be a new age seeker of truth.

He was about half a smartass, too. When he pointed to Sweetie's beautiful Christmas ornaments and asked whether they were frying pans or toupees, I directed him to the lava tube, where, I knew, he being a new age seeker of truth and all, would go nuts trying to get through the doors of true enlightenment.

A tantalizing glow shows through the doors, promising much.

There's nothing beyond the doors of course. Touching them evokes random comments like:

"Sorry, today's quota of Truly Enlightened beings has already been met."


"The Truly Enlightened are in a hot tub just beyond these doors. They said to tell you to go away."


"Sorry, you are not yet Truly Enlightened. Perhaps you should throw yourself into the hot lava a few more times."

I like to imagine he's there yet, trying to get inside.


Foxhound5366 said...

Oh my word, this is beyond cruel. I just spent about 15 minutes trying to get in, then googled it and discovered this page lolol. Thanks!

Cheyenne Palisades said...

I'm glad you kept your sense of humor about it :). Maybe I should add a link beside the door so it will be easier to figure out.