Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hidden Bots

Written 4 January, 2009

Hidden Bots

I made a random jump tonight.

I know, I know, nothing good can come of random jumps. But I did it anyway.

I landed on the misnamed Tropical Island sim, where there was a furniture store, an adoption agency, and seemingly nothing else-- in fact, the land was raised to 25 m and flat level all the way across.

But there were five green dots on the map, and as I explored I saw no evidence of them.

So I flew up to 4013 meters, and there they were, standing in a plywood box: a kindergarten age girl, a small dragon, a guy with too-short hair, and two women with too-big breasts.

I suspect they're the various alts of the store owner, left online to run up the traffic count.

How tacky.

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Prokofy said...

That is a Second Life...poem.