Thursday, January 1, 2009


Written 1 January, 2009


Last night Sweetie and I went to dance and listen to music at a new club at Bill and Pam Havercamp's place.

Our friends Greg Paslong and Vivien Janick where there too.

While we were dancing and chatting, I was maneuvering my camera around, taking pictures.

First I tried to take photos of Sweeite. It wasn't working; there was too much light on her face. Then I tried a shot of Bill and Pam. Not working; too many shadows. Then I tried to photograph Greg and Viv. No dice.

And so I turned the camera to my second-favorite subject (we all know who my fave is).

Myself, that is.

I was wearing Eshi Otawara's New Year's release, Auld Lang Syne, in silver. Like all her stuff, it's a bit out there. And while it's not really a dancing dress, I loved the way it was flying about as I moved to Sine Wave Island's great dance Dip Me in Chocolate.

It took a lot of tries, but I finally got a photo I felt good about to post on Flickr.

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