Saturday, January 17, 2009


Sweetie Hovering Over Offline Space

Chey Over What Used to be Eccentricity Islands
Note Coordinates at Top of Screen
That's Whimsy in the Distance

Written 17 January, 2008


Since Thursday night my avatar has been inexplicably flying up into the air-- when I click on my inventory, when I look away, and sometimes for no damn good reason at all. I turn the Fly button of and it turns on again all by itself. Hover is broken again, and once again there is a lag when I move my avatar in the air. I find myself flying into walls far past my target.

It's like the Lindens are fixing things with rubber bands and Wrigley chewing gum. Their repairs work for a couple of weeks and then things are broken again. Is Linden Lab is using the big three automakers as a business example?

This morning Sweetie and I were standing by our steam train on Whimsy, working on notecards, when Whimsy Kaboom and Leaf Shermer's Eccentricity sims disappeared. Kaboom blinked back into view and I headed there to see if the region had been restarted to install new server software.

To my surprise, I didn't go to Whimsy; rather, the blue letters at the top of my screen told me I was still in Whimsy. I was still in Whimsy after I turned right and flew to the middle of the empty space where Eccenticity Island used to be.

Sweetie followed, and for a time, it was like the old days, when one could fly across the empty spaces. We flew and hovered in empty space, space clearly marked Offline and Invalid Location on the map.

My flying problem seems to have nothing to do with the sim I'm on, since it happens everywhere-- but I rebooted Whimsy just in case.

I'm still up and down like a virtual yo yo.

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