Friday, January 2, 2009

Whimsy Thermal Boots

Written 2 January, 2009

Whimsy Thermal Boots

Let's face it: Whimsy, being a geothermally active area, has a LOT of hot lava. And quite frankly, it hurts like hell to walk across it in ordinary footwear

And so, by mandate of our insurance provider, whose attorney said he was "grievously concerned" about the accidental inceneration of several of our  visitors (including one of his sales reps), we have decided to provide our residents and visitors with free thermal boots.

Since financial times are hard for us here in Whimsy and since so far the U.S. government has been unreceptive to our pleas for a part of the $780 billion bailout, NEW boots were of course out of the question.
However, we located and were able to procure a limited supply of surplus hardly-worn Icelandic thermal boots. Most are in good condition, and we've had only one fatality from leaks.

We've placed boot dispensers at both openings of the Whimsy lava tube. Come by and pick up your free footware (also included, protective goggles and breathing apparatus), wear them, and explore.
Boot dispensers. Where else but in Second Life could you find boot dispensers?

The boots are interactive; when they hit hot lava in the cave, they glow and hiss and smoke; they're also activated when you approach the lava beds or the lava in the caldera at Pele.

Boots or not, you should be sure to buy our whimsurance policy (read here and here). It costs only ten lindens, and it never pays, but it's a fun read.

Come to beautiful Whimsy, where avatars are semi-protected from the hazards of nature!

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