Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Productive Weekend



4 December, 2009

A Productive Weekend

Sweetie's parents left for home yesterday morning after a week-long visit, and Sweetie came back in world with a vengeance. She announced her vision of a new and improved Northwest corner of Whimsy, and began tossing around boulders and great stone columns. Soon there will be a winding path from the little cove near Melissa Yeuxdoux' house to the top of Robot Island, and the top of the island will be covered with beautiful flowers.

Sweetie rearranged the seabed to provide a logical entry to Whimsy Kaboom. And she had fun doing it, turning rocks physical and letting them fall helter-skelter.

We really got down to business today. Sweetie polished up her scultptie-making skills and made a sculpt map that let us line the inside of the hollowed-out Pele volcano with huge prims. Meanwhile, I made a lava pit at the very bottom of the volcano.

The inside of Pele looks much paradoxically larger with its new lining of prims.

In fact, it looks freaking awesome!

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