Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tentacle Guy

The Dreaded Kraken...

...Is Really Just the Tentacle Guy

Written 1 May, 2008

Tentacle Guy

It occurred to me that any respectable oceanic trench would have at least one sea monster lurking in it, so I whipped one up.

Having just finished watching with Sweetie the silly sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean, kraken were on my mind, so I made a big flexy tentacle. I even made a design for the suckers in GIMP, with which I am now a level 3 beginner.

I gave the tentacle a bit of a glow and plopped it down in the trench. It looked lonely, so I made a companion for it.

Then I jumped down in the trench, and it just looked silly, having two disembodied tentacles thrashing about.

I thought, wouldn’t it be interesting if all those tentacles were attached to a little bitty creature?

And so… tentacle guy. He lives in the trench and feeds upon the dead fish that fall past him when people are playing with the Whimsy Salvage Machine.

His bark is worse than his bite.